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Soul Journey 🌟

Hey there, wonderful souls!

I'm absolutely delighted to have you with me for another edition of "Your Monthly Soul Journey." In this issue, we're diving into a topic that has been on many of your minds: What happens between our lifetimes? Let's explore the exciting realm of the soul's journey.

I freaking love these topics being sent in from listeners. Wheeeee, let’s go!

From my perspective and drawing insights from the wisdom of those who have crossed over, I firmly believe in reincarnation. It's like a cosmic classroom where we keep coming back, lifetime after lifetime, to learn and evolve. Our ultimate goal? Achieving self-acceptance and reducing the need to keep returning.

So, what's the deal between lifetimes? It's not a cosmic coffee break, but oh my goodness, that would be amazing. Our souls continue their journey, learning and growing. Growing and learning.

The learning doesn't stop after just one life; we humans need a bit more time than that, like hundreds of lifetimes. It’s an ongoing process that can seem like a song that never ends; it just goes on and on, my friend. (It was in my head, and now it is in yours. I am happy to share. For those unfamiliar, here you go You’re welcome.

Learning from the Past

In each lifetime, we're here with a specific mission, and this often builds upon experiences from past lives. Finding yourself fiercely independent in this life could be a reflection of past lifetimes where you needed to learn self-sufficiency. Cool, eh?

Between lifetimes, there's a unique opportunity for growth. It's a non-physical realm where we continue our learning and offer help. It's like a spiritual graduate school but without the exams (phew!).

The focus of this phase isn't just about checking in on our loved ones. We contribute to the greater good of humanity. We share knowledge, assist during times of tragedy, and help resolve lingering issues.

The Importance of Physical Life

The most significant growth, I believe, happens during our physical lifetimes. Here, we face challenges, build relationships, and make everyday choices. It's these experiences that truly push us to evolve.

And what about the fear of passing away? Well, it's an experience each of us will face. Death is a transition, a graduation to the next phase of existence. It's up to us to make it a joyful event. Just like my uncle, who savored Chinese food and good company just before he passed peacefully with the remote in his hand. Good job, Ed, favorite uncle ever!

After we leave our physical bodies, we go through a life review. It's like a movie of our lives, where we feel the emotions others experienced due to our actions. It's a mechanism that keeps us on track and helps us grow.

The Ultimate Truth

As for the whole "eternal sorting" thing, I firmly believe there's no hell. We all go to the same place, but the accommodations might vary. It's like a vast, luxurious hotel with different rooms. Some are light-filled and joyous, while others might spend time in their room near the pool smelling spiritual chlorine. We're all here to learn and grow at our own pace. No judgment.

Closing Thoughts

I encourage you to live purposefully, especially in the “small” things, like crafting a delicious salad. Your energy affects the world, even if you aren’t intentionally sharing it with the world. And remember, there's no judgment—read that again-none, so stop doing it to yourself. There is love and gratitude for your unique journey.

Thank you for being part of this incredible community. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or want to delve into other intriguing topics. Your curiosity keeps this soul journey vibrant and exciting.

Until next time, keep shining your brilliant light and continue your journey with an open heart.

With love and good vibes,

Vicki 💫

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