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Everyone has brilliance within them.


In this lifetime, I feel it is my role to help you locate and use yours. First for you and then in service of our collective world. 

Vicki Baird Coaching came to be because I offered my services to my employer above my job duties. I was happy to help, but when I realized I could help more people and organizations than one, I lept. OK, I  jumped and freaked out a little into the world of intuitive advising and eventually certified coaching, but I left to serve more and am so glad I did. 


 Since then, 22 years ago, I have helped individuals and businesses realize their life joys, consulted with staffing issues, used my intuitive abilities to help discern the best contracts for my clients, and even worked as a consultant to grow a construction business from destitute to the 27+ million it is valued at today. I know nothing of construction, but I know energy, how to read it, and how to apply it. That is a crucial advantage in life. 


I love systems and goals, but most of all, I love when people believe in themselves. The more people who live authentically, the more peace we will experience in this world. 

Care to join me in bravely leaping into your brilliance? 


Wild Path

The Path to Now

I started my professional career in healthcare finance. I was a billing specialist. The one you wanted to hire because a diminishing A/R was my specialty. I enjoyed digging into what wasn't working, learning how to fix it, and creating systems for the success of the organizations I worked for, and eventually did consulting with. 

Realizing my talent for "reading a room" and understanding the best course of action for individuals and corporations, I had to leap to self-employment. Which I did through owning a successful intuitive reading business, a storefront, and a wellness center.

While that was challenging and heart-filling, it wasn't enough for me, and I eventually geared my business toward coaching and business consulting. Back to my roots in business with the gift of intuitive insight. 

I specialize in bringing clarity to individuals and companies because both have a life force that shows a clear path to success when listened to. 



Who I Help

 I work with dynamic individuals and companies to integrate their intuitive abilities while using mine to help them minimize challenges and stress. 

My clients know they want more, can be more, but don't want to add "MORE" to their plate. They seek alignment with their soul to be applied physically, and they don't want to waste time setting more goals and not meeting them.


They want results. 

How I Do It

Intuitive coaching is highly personalized. You won't get cookie-cutter sessions but one that is fluid and focused.


Over a period of a few weeks to months, you can become aligned on your business and life goals and take the right action to make them a reality.

Don't worry; if you are confused, my gift of intuitive knowing is always available for consult. 

What's in It for You

You will see your ideas and vision brought to life with me supporting you every step.

You will get support in staying accountable for getting things done in your business.​ This leads to you leaving that imposter syndrome behind and stepping into a life where you feel brave enough to accelerate your life and business.

Most importantly, you will learn to trust your intuitive voice to make sound decisions and enjoy life more!

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