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What is an Intuitive Success Coach?

and how can they help me achieve my goals?

Intuitive Success Coach is what I came up with to describe what it is that I offer. My intuitive abilities are such that I can see/feel/hear/and intuit what is in my client's best interest at the time and for future endeavors. In addition to my coach training and experience, these skills combine to help clear up any blocks, unsupportive habits, and doubts you may have and channel that lost energy into a productive, directive, and fun direction! 

I am a spiritual strategist. I will use my many years of experience as an intuitive business consultant to help you determine your most successful life. 


Being able to see each client's individual needs, we avoid a one size fits all coaching model and get to what is most important to you! 

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How many years of experience do you have as an Intuitive Success Coach,

and what kind of clients have you worked with in the past?

Ready for this? Over 22 years of experience. I started out doing intuitive readings, mediumship messages, and business consulting. Quite the combination, right? Early on, I learned that I loved helping people with their needs and wants and that just telling them what I saw was boring. I wanted to impact their lives by helping them believe in themselves. 


My client list has been very eclectic! I have worked with entertainment executives, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, parents experiencing empty nest syndrome or a desire to raise their kids differently, deans of colleges, college students, real estate professionals, teachers, actors, doctors, therapists, and many others from all walks of life and career.


It makes it very interesting to be me, and it has grown my skills exponentially.

What is your approach to coaching?

And how do you tailor your methods to fit the
unique needs of each client?

As stated above, my approach is intuitive, and it is also structured, humor infused, with an emphasis on whole-person satisfaction and joy. 


I have a structure from which I work, as most humans are similar in their need for support. However, because I see each person as a soul living their human experience, the tailoring is done for me by the beautiful being they bring into the sessions. 


I listen on a deeply intuitive and feeling level which allows me to rely on my experience while keeping it fresh for each person.

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Can you provide examples of clients who have achieved significant success with your coaching?

And how did you help them get there?

I’d be happy to. I have one client that has hired me to help with hiring decisions as well as bid submissions. We work collaboratively as he has the experience and knowledge in the business, and I have the ability to see those that would not benefit his company or his stress level! When we started working together, he was making 2M a year, but he was over that in debt, so his profit was in the negative. He committed to doing the work and learning to trust his intuition as well and is on course to hit a 25M income with a 10M profit. You read that right. I helped him learn he knows a lot more than he thought he did, and by acknowledging that, he could make decisions that improved ALL of his life, not just the business value. 


Another client has learned how to embrace her talents and intelligence and reduce her people-pleasing (it’s a process!) so she could elevate her career, lead a team, and have an amazing home life with her husband and kids. 


A long-time client, many achieve what they want to, leave, and then come back later for the next level has completely shifted her life to leave a stressful work environment, learned how to relax, created a successful business in textiles, and go on to mentor women beginning their own financial independence. 


I’m grateful to be part of all of my client's lives, journeys, and expansions. What they want for success is what is important that we create.

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How often will we meet for coaching sessions?

And how long do they typically last?

Most often, we meet twice a month, and they last fifty minutes (or a bit more if we are on something that benefits finishing in the session.). There may be times when an additional session is required, and we would schedule that case by case. 

What kind of support will you provide between coaching sessions?

And how can I contact you if I need additional guidance?

For those on contract with me, I provide email, text, Voxer, short phone sessions, and contact through the Vicki Baird Coaching App. If you have a carrier pigeon, we can do that too! I’m very available to clients except on weekends when I am often hiking, gardening, cleaning my house, or riding my bike. Time for recharging is important and I will encourage you to do so, too! 

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How do you handle confidentiality?

And what measures do you take to protect my privacy?

I am a vault. What we discuss goes in and doesn’t get shared unless I have expressed permission. My email is a private server, and communication there is protected via password only carried by me. I do offer a recording of our sessions if that is helpful. They are stored on a secure server as well and purged every two months for privacy. 


What is your pricing structure, and do you offer any packages or discounts for multiple sessions?

I offer one-time sessions for the price indicated on the booking page. I have three-month, six-month, and retainer packages. Please email me directly for pricing or set up a discovery call, and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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How can I ensure that I am a good fit for your coaching style?

And that we will work well together?

Schedule a discovery call, and we will both decide if it is a good fit for you. I won’t let you invest in me if I feel I am not what you need most. I believe the connection between a coach and client, be it personal or business, has to align, or there is no point in forcing it. I may suggest a one-month coaching package if there is a question as to whether my style of whole-person coaching is what YOU are looking for.

What is your cancellation policy?

And how far in advance do I need to notify you if I need to reschedule a coaching session?

I  ask for 24 hour notice as it allows me to contact someone on the waiting list to get in if a spot opens up. I understand emergencies happen, and having been a parent myself, am very understanding. Also, the intuitive thing helps me know if you are blowing me off or if it’s a true case of can’t make it. 😀I work with many executives and medical professionals; I respect that it is your primary focus, and am very flexible where I can be.  If there is a pattern of continued cancellation, I may choose to cancel our contract and a refund will be determined by where we are in the contract.

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Let's work together!

Call, text, or email me and let's talk.


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(518) 777-2770


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