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    Intuition is the not-so-secret ingredient to long-lasting success in life, business, and spirituality.


      Why don't we use it more? Access it more? Benefit from it? Tune in to learn how YOU can do all of this and create the definition of success for you!


New episodes twice a Month


From my perspective, recording a podcast came about because I wanted to help share the information I had and was feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of emails, texts, and Facebook messaging and all of the ways that you can get ahold of a person and feeling like I didn't have enough of me to offer people authentically and energetically and I felt like I had to find a way that allowed me to be on stage whenever someone wanted to listen to it, and I am a huge podcast fan!






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Lybsin stas blog page

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Whatever success means to you, is your brilliance.

It's your own wonderful wiring.

I love helping other people arrive at success in their own lives. You may be an executive of a large company, and you need support in not losing yourself and bringing your most collected and aligned self into your work.


It may be that you're an entrepreneur and you would like to see success in your business, and you need to know how to do that. Perhaps you are raising children, supporting the community, feeling overwhelmed and could use support for the path back to you. 

Maybe you like bad puns, humor, and stories of how the spirit world is amazing and yet still makes me jump out of my skin on a regular basis. OH! Maybe you love coffee as much as I do. 


Whatever brought you here, welcome. Thank you for listening, subscribing, leaving a review, and sharing wiht other fabulous beings like yourself. We help others when we help ourselves. Thank you for helping me help myself, too. 


I appreciate you. 

Let's work together!

Call, text, or email me and let's talk.

I would love to collaborate with on a podcast episode, feel free to send me a message and I'll be in contact with you as fast as I can!


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(518) 777-2770


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