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Why Coach With Me?


At Vicki Baird Coaching, you get Vicki. It's that simple. I work directly with you with over two decades of experience with individuals and companies. 


Is this executive coaching? 

    Well, yes and no. You are the executive in your life, and you are more than an executive in your life. You have personal needs, spiritual inquiry, and goals you want to align in all areas of your life. 

       A whole-person approach is a must for sustainable success and can be fun to pursue. Without that, you are wasting money and time investing in the next goals practices without a self-surety foundation. 

       It is common to succeed in one area of your life and feel lost in others. I'm uniquely qualified to help you merge those areas with my background in business and successful intuitive practice. 

 You may start here with individual sessions or head over to the coaching packages to purchase on that will work for you.. I am excited to meet you and help you align with the life that matters to you. 

Let's get started!