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Screen Writer

"During my Intuitive Session with Vicki, we accomplished a profound amount of overdue emotional clearing and healing. And, with regular practice of the affirmations she crafted specifically for me, I'm certain the healing will continue"

Dr. White

PsyD, D.O.

"Just what the Dr ordered! I value what you do and how you help."


Business Owner

"I don't know how she does it, but it works so I don't question it anymore. I've increased my buisness +20M with her insights. You read that right. 20M. 


Hire her. It's worth it!"

Why Coach With Me?

At Vicki Baird Coaching, you get Vicki. It's that simple.


I work directly with you and have over two decades of experience with individuals and business owners interested in creating companies that are highly vibrational places to work and be.


Many of the people I work with are seeking a connection with their souls while being in human form. That is very exciting to me. 

Not knowing how to connect your soul with your human self can feel like navigating through life with a missing link—a sense of disconnection, purposelessness, and a yearning for a deeper understanding of oneself. It might manifest as a persistent feeling of emptiness or a lack of alignment with your true essence. The soul and human self seem like distant entities and the path to bridging the gap feels elusive.

My coaching serves as a guiding light in the journey of self-discovery, helping you forge a profound connection between your soul and human self. We delve into introspective practices, unlocking the wisdom and unraveling the layers hindering this connection.

We explore spiritual principles, mindfulness, and self-reflection through tailored strategies, allowing you to align with your soul's purpose and integrate it harmoniously with your human experience. Together, we illuminate the path to a more connected, purposeful, and soul-aligned life.

Oh, and very practical steps will be taken, and systems will be created to calm your nervous system and support lasting success. So fun, right? I know. I nerd about those things, too. I knew we would get along! 

Does it sound like a lot of work? It is. There are no shortcuts in self-awareness and application, but I promise we will laugh, cry, experience profound joy, and achieve the goals most important to you. 

You may start with individual sessions to assess if we are compatible. I understand that I am not everyone's cup of tea, which is fantastic to know and understand. 


I am excited to meet you and help you align with the success that matters to you.


Let's get started!

Let's work together!

Call, text, or email me and let's talk.


Contact Number:

(518) 777-2770


Email Address:

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