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Close-Up Radio Spotlights Intuitive Coach Vicki Baird

Intuitive Coach Vicki Baird is dedicated to assisting her clients to discover their gifts, harness them and share them to the world by connecting with their intuition.

Vicki works with high-performing individuals to take charge of their life, build self-confidence, and lead the most fulfilling life.

“My work is about introducing people to themselves,” says Vicki. “Knowing yourself means you understand what's really important to you and what choices are available to you.”

According to Vicki, developing our intuition begins with understanding ourselves first and foremost as an energetic being.

“I believe in the unique goodness in people. People can feel the disconnect within themselves. They don't know how to reconnect, how to release the conditioning and the traumas of the past,” says Vicki. “The coaching then is a whole being approach, not just a whole person, but a whole being, where's your soul in all of this? What lights you up? What are your goals or intentions?”

While therapy tends to look in the past, coaching looks to the present and the future, but Vicki is going to go much deeper than any traditional coaching. A CEO may want to improve their communication skills or effectiveness as a leader, but by the end, they’ll hopefully feel more whole, and it will carry over to other aspects of their life.

“Choice is a powerful place,” says Vicki. “Most people are operating on who they were told they are. People are often afraid to look at their best qualities. My intention is to guide people to themselves so much that they then help others.”

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