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From the Best Clients
in the World!

Lisa P.


As usual, an amazing session. I always feel a sense of physical/energetic realignment when I work with you – more grounded and held in my body. Your encouragement to work with energy and to investigate reiki training felt really exciting to me. I now feel some renewed enthusiasm and inspiration for my private practice, inviting clients that align with my energy and working energetically with them.

Thank you so much for your help – a kind of help unlike any other.

Samantha S.

Corporate Consultant

Thank you, Vicki!

I just listened to the recording, and am so grateful for the Team’s advice on healing and creating…didn’t know I have the power to contemplate and meditate my way back to healing and creativity…didn’t know this pain in my shoulder is actually a symptom of my body keeping a record of thoughts that are not in alignment with my purpose, etc.

Appreciate you, Samantha

Carol LeBlanc

CPA & Course Creator

I wanted to work with Vicki because I wanted to work with an intuitive coach that could read energy and who was also practical and grounded in the real world and would have concrete tools to help me.

My favorite part of working with Vicki is that I can present a situation to her, and she understands what is happening at a deep level that I am not conscious of, which helps cut through the drama and story and get to the heart of what is really happening. 

I was surprised at how funny, and kind Vicki is. Working with her inspires me to be kind.

I would recommend Vicki to anyone who wants to get the root of things in a container of kindness, practicality, love, and constructiveness. I am much happier in my life and with myself through working with Vicki. 

Mark L.

Senior Editor

One session with you, honestly, goes to places that I don't go to in years of therapy.

I love and value therapy, but because you work on the soul and energy levels, I experience myself becoming "unstuck" from stuck places in very tangible ways. It's liberating.

I also love the range and levels on which you can work: if I want to talk about work, you'll coach me through that; if I want to do some deep energetic emotional unentangling, you'll go there. you leave the direction and depth to the choice of the client, which feels important so that I can choose transformation in the time and pace that I am ready for it.

Tariq P

Body Activist Coach

My session with Vicki was and have always been informative, heartfelt & honest. I have healed and grown immensely since meeting Vicky.

There is nothing that I would recommend changing. I would definitely be interested in exploring coaching together like I have been for more than a decade.

Thank you for everything


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