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Conscious Circuitry™

Here, we'll change your brain's wiring from limiting beliefs.

  • 50 min
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online Meeting

Service Description

You are the software architect of your life. Sure, your computer’s (brain) hard drive was installed by others and an earlier design formatted by their beliefs, messages, and actions, but you are today's builder of you. *- Wouldn’t you love to live a life directed by your inner knowing and thoughts? *- Thoughts that support you. *- Habits that support you. *- Heart-connected experiences that support you. *- A belief auto responder that is of truth, authentic voice, and encouragement. Conscious Circuitry™ is the process that changes your wiring from limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts to one of self-surety. You come naturally wired to continue learning and absorbing knowledge. You are upgrading, if you will. Your brain, heart, energy field, and soul want to work together as a super processing team, and they can, with conscious direction. What it is: *- A simple process of learning what your current programing is and where it is operating from (subconscious or conscious mind). *- A not always simple process of accepting the wiring, but we do that together, so it is safe, supported, and enlightening. *- A guided approach to changing the wiring through acknowledging statements and easy breathing. *- A use of intuition, yours and mine, to identify blocks, limiting belief systems, or other people’s messages that no longer serve you. *- A merging of emotions, intuition, and logic. *- A way to bring peace to the inner conflict that keeps you out of alignment with yourself and your soul. Straightforward to learn so that you can do it independently after some guidance and practice. What it is not: *- Therapy. I am not a therapist; this is not therapy. *- A quick fix that takes all the hurts away. It can do that for some belief blocks, but it is not a drive-thru; get it all done in one session system because processing is essential. *- For those who are not ready to take responsibility for their own happiness and success. *- A cookie-cutter process. You’re sweet, but you aren't a cookie. There is a structure with flexibility for your uniqueness. Conscious Circuitry™ is the result of over two decades of my experience as an intuitive coach, a massive study of the brain, its inner workings, the power of our emotions, and a desire to have everyone know their value.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule one day in advance of your appointment. If you fail to do so, the payment is non-refundable. I understand emergencies happen and I make every effort to be accommodating. Repeat rescheduling may result in a termination of my services.

Contact Details


Albany, NY, USA

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