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Point Your Compass South, you Beautiful Human

“I’m only human.” Have you heard or used this phrase before? It always makes me a little bit sad when I hear it. Your humanness is something to be celebrated.

Your soul chose you, this body, and this personality to inhabit in this lifetime. There's nothing only about it. Unless you want to say you are the only you, I would be okay with that phrase.

When I use my system of compass coaching, the South is the direction we use for grounding, appreciating our human self, and connecting with the planet we call home.

It can be really easy to get disconnected from our human beauty, especially when there are so many messages of what beauty is according to others.

If you have any interest at all in knowing who you are and loving who you are, an understanding and application of the south direction can be vital. Why? Because the more you know about yourself and appreciate yourself, the more sure you will walk in this world and the more fun you will have.

What are some other benefits of accessing your South self?

  • Well, calmness, for one. When you are grounded, very little will shake you; if it does, you will believe you will regain steadiness in time.

  • Resiliency. Life is going to have experiences that aren’t all rainbows and unicorn farts (which probably smell like Skittles); you may as well embrace resiliency to attain that steadiness.

  • Self-care. When you appreciate your human self, you want to take care of the vessel you are traveling in. Good food, water, movement, meditation, massages, time with friends and family, creativity, etc.

  • It will elevate your frequency so you can access your intuition more and not fry your motherboard (brain).

While it may be popular to dis on your human self, it does not make for a gratifying lifetime. Learn to appreciate who you are, including your weaknesses, so that you can strengthen them, and life becomes more open and loving. We, humans, are wayyyyyyyy too serious when perhaps reverent is what we desire.

If you would like help appreciating yourself, enjoying yourself, and closing the gap between your soul and human self, check out this week’s podcast episode, where I expound more on the south and how understanding where to point your wandering energy is beneficial and necessary.

Traveling along with you,


P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, head over to Youtube for subtitles.

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