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Navigating Your Inner Compass: Discovering Direction Within

Have you ever used a GPS program and it says, “Head north out of the parking lot or toward Elm Ave?”

When I use mine and it says that I have been known to say aloud, “Why do you think I am using you for guidance? I have no clue which way North is!”

This gal did not get an internal compass. The whole universe feels like it connects to me, and in the physical world, that is not a helper! Now, I have always made it back to my dwelling or the parking lot after a hike, albeit sometimes using my phone as a flashlight, but I digress.

I know I am not alone in this challenge (HI, Kelly!) Sometimes, the external world's navigation doesn't align with our internal compass, making us question our sense of direction.

I mentioned last month that I would share the coaching I use for myself and others to clear up these difficulties so you can know yourself so well you magnetize the life you desire. (Bad compass pun there, but seriously, feeling self-sure is a lot of fun.)

“Give it all to me, Vicki, I am ready to love me and kick a$s at being me!”

Now that’s what I want to hear! To respect your time and inbox though, I will cover the North in this email and the other directions in upcoming posts.

Listen to it here:

North represents more than just a cardinal direction; it symbolizes setting a clear path toward your aspirations and desired destinations. Where did these desires begin? With your soul of course. Your beautifully unique, gorgeous, giggly, full of energy-soul agreed to come into this lifetime (and the others you’ve had, but more on that later) to experience everything it could.

It can be exhausting to think about multiple lifetimes, but considering the possibility will also bring you peace in the “gotta get it all done” mode of life. So, recognizing your soul as your navigational north, you can learn to be kinder to yourself, and take some pressure off while also establishing a connection unlike any other you’ve felt.

To embark on this inner journey, you must clarify what you want to achieve and why it holds significance. One can start by setting clear goals, creating a compelling vision for their future, and developing a plan to help stay focused on what truly matters; connection.

“But how do I even get started?”

I’ve got you kiddo, no worries. Here are a few suggestions, some oldy and good ones.

  • Create a Vision Board: Unleash your soul's desires and aspirations by curating a vision board. Combine inspiring images, quotes, and visual elements that ignite your motivation. Display it prominently where you can see it every day, allowing it to serve as a compass, reminding you of the path you envision. You can also do it digitally. Hello…Pinterest and Canva!

  • Morning Reflection and Intention: Begin each day with 15 minutes of tranquil reflection, connecting with your soul and setting an intention for the day ahead. Embrace the silence, listen to your inner voice, and write down any emerging insights or inspirations. These precious moments of solitude will align your thoughts and actions, guiding you toward your chosen direction. I could not function without my morning time. It’s how I plug into my messages for myself and others.

  • Seek Guidance: Connect with a mentor or spiritual guide who can accompany you on your soul's journey. They can help deepen your understanding of your unique path and provide invaluable guidance and support. Their wisdom and experience can illuminate the mysteries that lie ahead, empowering you to navigate with clarity and confidence. Asking for help is brave, it’s normal, and it’s a gift you can give your soul.

Knowledge of your compass is helpful, but like any other tool, you must use it to be effective. There have been thousands of times in my life that knowing I had this compass allowed me to be kinder to myself, permit myself to grow, to create boundaries, and to look beyond the human condition to the vastness of my soul and its knowledge.

I want that same comfort for you.

Ready to give it a go? Good. Head North, sweet human. Head north.



P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, head over to Youtube for subtitles.

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