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Let's Talk Business Intuition

Thirty years. That’s how long I have been aware of intuition and the effect it could have on my life. Of course, I didn’t know all of the benefits. I’d even say I don’t know them all today as new awarenesses show up regularly.

Twenty-three years is how long I have had a business focusing on intuition. For the first three years, I did it for fun. I did it to help people, and I did it to understand myself. It wasn’t until the bookings started to be as many hours as the full-time job did I even consider making it a business.

The day I gave my notice at my full-time job was terrifying because I didn’t plan to give my notice. It popped out of my mouth in a meeting with my supervisor. I have often joked it was the only thing he acted on quickly. We had our challenges. I liked him enough, but I didn’t respect him as a co-worker, and he was ready to be done with me even if it meant it upset his department.

“How could anyone not like you, Vicki?”

I know! Right? But he didn’t. There have been others, and that’s ok. I like me. I love who I am, and intuition has played a huge role in helping me feel this about myself.

I left that job shaking in my boots, scared about how we would make ends meet and the impact on my life. I felt reckless, dumb, and self-centered, but I KNEW it was the right thing to do. My heart was in the readings and the consulting, and no longer in business.

It is a small understatement to say I was surprised years later when people started coming to me for advice for their businesses and careers. It made sense, but it also didn’t make sense. I was the person who helped you remove blocks, talk to your dead relatives (and pets), and release truama. Why was I in the business realm again?


I do. I love the systems, the processes, the financial data, the energy of a company, and helping executives and business owners learn to trust their intuition. I love the puzzle of what the data shows compared to what my intuition tells me. I love talking to the business as an energy of its own and receiving the trajectory of its highest intention. I love being a part of the success of my clients when they realize they don’t have to be all business and can have a very fulfilling life while cultivating change in the world.

“That sounds like a long process and hard.”

It does, but it doesn’t have to be. Did you read the part that I’ve been doing this for over two decades? I’ve got skills, man. Skills that I happily share so others can access their brilliance, too.

There are so many benefits to listening to your intuition in business that it makes me a bit nutty that people don’t. I know you can’t do what you don’t know, but here I am telling you there is an exponential benefit to developing your intuition in life, especially in business.

Why? Well, here are a few reasons I say that;

  • Faster decision-making: Intuition can provide a quick, intuitive sense of what course of action to take, which can be especially useful when faced with time-sensitive decisions.

  • Identifying opportunities: Intuition can help you identify emerging trends and new opportunities that may take time to apparent through logical analysis.

  • Making better strategic decisions: Intuition can complement logical reasoning and analysis by providing a broader, more intuitive perspective on complex problems.

  • Building stronger relationships: By tuning into your intuition, you can make stronger connections with colleagues, clients, and partners by understanding their needs and desires on a deeper level.

  • Improving innovation: Intuition can help you tap into your creativity, generating new ideas and innovative solutions.

And most importantly, I believe, Personal growth: Using intuition in business can encourage personal growth by helping you develop your intuitive abilities and also by pushing you to take risks and try new things, hello, giving notice without a preconceived idea. I don’t recommend this stress method, which is why I work with you to create a good exit, but phew, it got my butt moving, and I haven’t looked back or regretted it, ever!

If you need more reasons why trusting your intuition in business is innovative, tune into this week’s episode to hear me swoon over why learning to access the brilliance within is so cool.



P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, head over to Youtube for an exclusive visualizer and subtitles.

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