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Your Happiest Now Awaits: Break Free from the Chains of Past Pain🌱

Hello, Amazing Soul,

I hope this message finds you experiencing sunshine where you are and less than four layers. Goodness, it has been chilly this winter. I know it’s winter, and that happens, but brrrrrr, Northeast, brrrrr. 

Today, we're diving deep into the intricate web of trauma—a meaningful conversation that deserves our attention and understanding.

In this episode, I explore the complexities of trauma with over two decades of intuitive life coaching experience—a gentle reminder: I'm not a therapist. I bring insights and perspectives to illuminate the path of healing and understanding with my various trainings, personal experience with clients, and my challenges with the subject. 

I emphasize the significance of seeking therapy, stressing the importance of finding a therapist who resonates with your unique healing journey. Therapy, a powerful tool, forms the bedrock for effective healing and growth, and I truly believe everyone deserves to have that person in their life who is for them and a safe place to express themselves. If one doesn’t work, keep seeking. It’s worth it. 

Trauma is not an easy conversation, but we pave the way for healing by acknowledging its presence. Every experience is unique and valid, and through honoring our traumas, we gain a profound understanding of our resilience. Something that I think a lot of people forget to honor about themselves. Life will have its ups and downs; resilience is the key to navigating them. 

Like most episodes, I share moments from my healing journey, from pain and struggle to empowerment. It’s so easy for our inner dialogue to try to convince us we are the only people who feel the way we do, but I’m here to tell you that is not true. It is a lie of your inner saboteurs and one that deserves to be called out on, so by sharing my boo boo’s, I hope to create a connection, letting you know you're not alone in your healing process.

It is no doubt a delicate process, but understanding the difference between true trauma and other emotional states is crucial. By recognizing and honoring our experiences, we release their grip and move toward healing. Not everything is trauma. It is an experience, yes, that is true, but not everything ranks with a capital T for trauma, no matter what social media tells us. 

Speaking of social media, I spent a few moments exploring empathy for collective traumas while encouraging and suggesting you maintain personal boundaries. It's a delicate balance of compassion and self-awareness. Phew, being human is a lot sometimes, isn’t it? 

And before this email becomes a lot too, I shall simply suggest you head over to wherever you get your podcasts and listen or join me on YouTube, where you can see whatever my hair has gotten up to that day. It has a mind of its own, I swear. 

Sending you love, strength, and the unwavering belief in your capacity to thrive as a human soul,

Vicki  🌸

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