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Unveiling 2024's Energy Forecast: A Year of Connectivity and Growth

Hey, ho, here we go! 

As we dive into the promising horizon of 2024, and it is promising,  I'm thrilled to share some insights about what the year has in store for us. In my latest podcast episode, "Deep Dive Into 2024's Energy Forecast," I enlighten you on what is coming our way with a little help from my trusty guides.

Every year, I do the forecast, and it’s always amazing that some of you remember what I said last year and reflect on what came to be. I love that! 

Intuition is often proven after the fact, which can make it difficult to trust, but luckily, I have a track record and am more accurate than most weather forecasts! 

Here's a sneak peek at what I’m covering:

  • The Theme of Connectivity: Get ready for 2024 to be all about 'connectivity.' We'll be talking about the importance of grounding ourselves, fostering higher connections, and tuning into those intuitive energies as well as human connections.

  • Personal Development and Growth: Let's acknowledge the intuitive powerhouse within each of us. I'm all about taking accountability for your life, diving into personal development, shaking off past traumas, and showing up authentically, and we do that through self-reflection. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it!

  • Relationship Dynamics: Relationships, whether with others or ourselves, are crucial in our lives. I’ll chat about how they can impact our frequency and why addressing unsatisfactory relationships is key to personal growth.

  • Confronting Past Traumas: I'll dish out some advice on why avoiding past traumas can have negative consequences. Confronting and healing these wounds is essential for a joyful and fulfilling life. I know, boy do I know, it’s easier to avoid, but it’s not in your best interest. 

So, what's next?

I'm calling 2024 the year of 'connectivity.' Grounding ourselves is the name of the game, opening up pathways for higher connections and tuning into those intuitive vibes. Using the higher frequencies to raise up our Earth’s vibration is something we can all do and once we do it with intention and a sense of activism, we can effect great change. 

As we ride the wave of 2024, I'm pumped about the adventures and growth it has in store for each of us.  It feels so good to me.

 I won’t lie, I was relieved with the download, and even though there are some directives, I know anyone reading this or listening to the podcast is up to the task! 

Take a listen to the full podcast, and let's kick off this transformative journey together!

Let’s do this! 


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