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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

There is an actor that I love named Leslie Jordan. One of the statements he's known for is saying, “ well, s***.” It always makes me laugh when I hear him say that.

For as long as I can remember, sh*t was my mother's favorite word. She used it for everything. It was so popular in her vernacular that it was my daughter's first real clear word. That was special.

I happen to be someone who loves the good punctuation of a swear word. I think it should be used appropriately and not in a derogatory form. But how satisfying is it to be able to say shhhhhhhIT!

It also means something other than the expletive to me. The long sh sound is calming. It's a way to release energy. It's a way to decompress. And taking some creative licensing, IT becomes internal tranquility.

In this week's episode, I discuss the idea of internal tranquility. That calmness is so deep that no matter what's going on in life, there is a belief in oneself and the balance created. It takes practice. It is not something that comes easily to most of our personalities.

One path to internal Tranquility is meditation. It's a path I have wandered on and often found myself leaving because it was sometimes tricky. I will discuss this and other methods of connecting to the self to create that internal tranquility.

Join me wherever you listen to podcasts or head on over to my website and listen to it there.

Be well,


P.S. if you’d like to have the transcript of the podcast or listen without using an app, click here!

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