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Navigating Brilliance: 2024 Aspirations!

Hello Vicki,

I trust this message finds you well. I wanted to reflect on my past year, navigating through its highs, lows, and everything in between with the year's first podcast. 

So I did! 

🔮 Reflecting on 2023: Unveiling the Layers of Intuition 🔮

In terms of presence, I made substantial progress. The goal was to be more in the moment, eliminating the cloud of judgment and the feeling of forgetting important tasks. Cultivating accountability to oneself brings about a sense of inner support and encouragement.

I wanted more of that. So I did a few things. 

I approached daily chores with the precision of a ninja, tackling laundry like a superhero mission. I do love laundry, so it’s a good typecasting. I committed to addressing tasks promptly when they arise, eradicating that inner voice of self-judgment. Folding laundry became a mindful practice, creating a more organized living space. Putting it away timely is a good goal for 2024.

Social media became a challenge. Despite setting timers, the allure of platforms like TikTok proved quite strong. I realized my time there gave me a dopamine hit, but it wasn’t adding a lot of quality to my life. I learned A LOT, and I love the animal videos, but it wasn’t creating focus in my life as was my word for 2023. 

The theme of speaking up and establishing boundaries took center stage. I decided to step back from connections that did not align with my values. Even a dentist presuming to close my distinctive gap faced a polite yet firm correction. I’m incredibly proud of this one. Is anyone else raised not to question the health professionals in their lives? Pffft, step off teeth man, this space is fabulous! 

How about you? What have you reflected on for 2023, and can be proud of? Haven’t had time yet, but that’s ok; you can do it now…or now… or now. 

Don’t put off inventory of success. It will dampen your intuition, your ability to grow this year and your life and soul experience. 

✨ Intentions for 2024: Crafting a Year of Conscious Growth ✨

Looking ahead to 2024, my chosen word is "community." Building genuine connections, joining book clubs, and engaging with those around me have become focal points. I’m delighted with my own company, and I love that about me. I also love people, so this must be integrated for this year. 

Have you clued into your intentions for this year? Come on; I wouldn’t be a coach if I didn’t ask that question. They’d take my coach card away! 

Respectfully, pick a word, a destination of intention, and an action for this year. You may as well. You are here and deserve to thrive. Do this bit of work, and that will begin to happen. 

Here's to a year filled with joy, purpose, and the creation of a vibrant community. What's your chosen word for the year? Let me know! 

Warm regards,


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