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Embrace the Positive: A Journey to Success

Hey there!

Can you believe we are in the third week of February? Can you feel how fast time is moving? Some days, I love it; others make me want to go slo-mo and squeeze as much out of a day as possible. What can I say? I like variety. 

Life gives us variety, and we are tasked with recognizing what is supporting us and what isn’t. How blessed are we?

It took me a long time to realize that while I felt positive and negative was best left to describing batteries, faking positivity was doing more damage than good. Did you know it can cause more harm to fake it than to go with the honesty of emotions? I love researching and learning these tidbits to encourage my alignment. 

In the latest episode of "Intuition: Your Success Compass," we're diving deep into the power of positivity and its role in steering us toward success.

Now, before we start rambling about rainbows and butterflies, let's get real. 

Positivity isn't a magic wand that makes all our problems disappear. It's more like a tool in our mental toolbox—one that can seriously upgrade our brain's operating system.

I kick things off by geeking out about neuroplasticity, a.k .a. the brain's superpower to rewire itself. Our mindset plays a huge role in how our brain functions and perceives the world around us. 

So yeah, positive vibes actually do matter. Positive habits even more. 

Think less caffeine, fewer processed foods, and more green juice. Our bodies and brains are connected, so taking care of one means taking care of the other.

Ever feel like your intuition is on mute? 

It could be because something's messing with the connection between your brain and your soul. I’ll help you understand why staying spiritually aligned is key to unlocking our intuition's full potential.

Now, let's get personal. I haven’t always been so upbeat and trusting in the universe. I know I learn from others’ processes, so I share my journey from doubting to believing.

 It wasn't easy, but through self-awareness and a lot of deep breaths, I rewired my brain to see each experience as an opportunity. And genuine opportunity, not a new-age statement about everything being a message. 

I know not every moment of every day and every life will be positive, but it can be led by your soul; it’s knowing and a bit of faith in yourself. 

Tune in to get some tools to shift your beautiful brain to support your brilliant soul, and let’s spread some love on this planet, shall we?

So here's to embracing the positive and charting our course to success, one grateful breath at a time.

Catch you on the sunny side,

Vicki 🌞

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