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Disappointment Dilemma

Listen, life and disappointment are synonymous. Just like life and joy are interchangeable or can be synonymous with a little bit of intention.

I have not found a way to experience The Human Condition without a little bit of disappointment. The challenge is not to manage other people's disappointment.

You may be in charge of your own. You may not be in charge of someone else's. Unfortunately, that is not how most of us were raised.

Most of us learned that other people's happiness was dependent on what we did, how we are, and Who We Are. I'm here to tell you that the line of hooey.

If you had any kind of Relationship in your life, including with yourself, you likely have felt disappointment, but what is disappointment?

Simply stated, disappointment is Expectations not met. Somewhere a bar was created that may not even be reachable.

Have you had this happen to you? Someone else decided what your potential was or how they would be happy if you succeeded in a certain way. Did they even bother to ask you if it's what you wanted? Did they check in with you to see if it was possible without using up every bit of energy you have?

I promise you if you have been in the life of a child or raised a few, you had expectations, whether you realized it or not. And then, when they didn't meet said expectations, you felt disappointed. Have you done this to others?

What if, from today forward, you allowed other people to set their expectations for yourself, and you set Yours? What if you connected to yourself and created the vision that is your life and not one lived in fear of disappointing others?

What if you did this so well that your life expanded and the joy factor went up while the stress factor when down?

What if?

What if you listen to this week's episode for information on what disappointment is and the dilemma it creates in our lives? Hint; there are tools. Join me this week as I discuss the disappointment dilemma.

Be well,


P.S. if you’d like to have the transcript of the podcast or listen without using an app, click here!

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