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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

You are reading this newsletter via the fantastic reach of technology. You know that already, but you may not know how it got to you. The systems needed and the programs that help the delivery happen.

Whether you are running a business, working anywhere, running a home, or operating on this plane of existence we are sharing, most people are using technology in some way.

I love technology. All aspects of it. I love how it comes to be, how it works, and how it makes my life so much easier. It can be complicated for some to wrap their heads around, and I respect that.

When I started my Business, the only thing that existed was email. Can you believe that? In a short 22 years, we now have apps that link us to just about everything that helps facilitate getting our message out, and yes, sometimes make us want to pull her hair out.

One of the services I offer my clients is to help them navigate the software needed to run their businesses. I have combined my love of Technology and research with coaching to facilitate he's in the lives of my clients. Not everyone loves it as much as I do.

Being a soul brings about evolution. Being Human brings about expansion. I see technology as a great part of that.

Many have asked me what systems I use in my business to create the flow and produce content. In this episode, I share most of the programs I use and how they allow me to provide coaching, programs, and tons of free content. Without them, I would not have enough time to produce, let alone edit and release the information. One of the reasons I am grateful for it.

How do you feel about technology? Do you like it? Do you see it as a necessary function of your life? Your business? Your social life? Your education?

Hey, I met my love through a dating app! Manifesting tool, for sure! (and yes, he loves that I’m goofy.)

They really can be our helpers!

So, tune in for a behind-the-scenes and perhaps some suggestions for bringing ease to your life whether you run a business or not.

Listen to this week's episode for information

Coming to you over the airwaves via technology,


P.S. Here is a link to the document with the websites if you’d like to check them out.

P.S.S. if you’d like to have the transcript of the podcast or listen without using an app, click here!

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