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Success Plan

You are the executive of your life yet sometimes it may not feel that way.

Learn to be, feel, and live the position with self belief and surety.

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Empowering You To Reach Your Greatest Potential

Human's are not one size fits all. We are individuals with unique needs and goals. Executive Plan takes into consideration you are the executive of your life and likely in business too.

You want a coaching plan that works for you and your life while also expanding who you are as a soul.

This is that plan.

With the Executive Coaching Plan you get:

  • Priority Booking

  • Access to me between sessions via email, voxxer, smoke signal, intuitive pings, and the old fashioned telephone for those questions that don't need a full session or are time sensitive.

  • The session count that works for your schedule.

  • Team assessments and hiring consultations. +20 years of experience consulting with companies to increase revenue, systems, and team cohesiveness.

  • Intuitive guidance when your decision maker brain is exhausted.

  • Proven strategies for integrating your soul, intuitive abilities, and the life you currently have while creating the one you want. We will free up space, not add more to your ta da list.

  • And more because again, you are an individual and we will determine what supports you best.

Schedule a discovery call to get started.

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