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Your Intuition as Your Success Compass

It’s no secret that I have a lousy sense of direction regarding highways and byways. I’m ok in the woods, but on a road trip, please don’t let me be the navigator without help from Google Maps. Seriously, I can help you line up your life, secure your finances, build a business, connect to your soul, make amazing oatmeal cookies, and even needle felt a creation but DO NOT let me navigate the great intricacies of our roads. I did not get an internal compass for directions.

Sometimes I impress myself, but most times, I have to correct some wrong turns made. I’ve learned to see it as one of my adorable features, and hey, I have a one hundred percent success rate of making it home, and I’ve seen things I wouldn’t have if I took the “correct” route each time.

Life is like that, too, isn’t it? It is not a straight point A to point B ever. There is no defined map to follow, and it would be boring if there were. We still need a compass or GPS of some sort, though.

A year ago, when thinking about how I needed to specialize and not be so all over the place with who I serve, I knew I needed direction. I needed a compass. I was being bopped over the head by my guides and universal messages that it was time to clarify who I work with and the type of coaching we do together. I still wanted to take all the roads, see all the people, help everyone, and even pushed the envelope by asking my guides if I could still do that. They must get so tired working with me. But the answer was obvious.

No, no, I can not. It’s exhausting going in fifty different directions providing content, individual sessions, coaching, consulting to businesses, and a podcast. Then it hit me like the proverbial cosmic 2x4.

“What hit you, Vicki? I still don’t know.”

See, it’s confusing, isn’t it? I figured out my niche. My “niche” is guiding, sometimes nudging, creating goals and giggles, my clients to their definition of success, and those clients have to be willing to focus, use their intuition, and apply what we’ve identified as their path to their success. I have a proven track record for that. I’ve been doing it for decades and didn’t realize the nuance of it until I did my workbook (out soon) on Creating Your Client Avatar.

Once I took the time to look at my client base whom I love working with, their needs, and where we see the most expansion, it all pointed back to their experience of success. Not my own assessment of their process and progress but their sense of pride, seeing advancement in their relationships, career, intuition, and self-care. Not necessarily in that order, either!

How did I get to this awareness?

Well, I sat down, asked what mattered to me, what kind of impact do I want to make in the world, and then paused to listen to the intuitive guidance coming in. This compass is spot on in my world. I can trust it to guide me without questioning it at all. That track record with clients helps affirm my intuition has my best interest at heart and soul.

Do you tap into your intuition often? Do you depend on it as a compass that can point you to your success, whatever that means to you?

Do you know what would feel successful to you?

Often, we are told success is achieved through dedication and hard work. Yes, you must apply yourselves to move forward, but you must also connect to the superconscious to know your soul's insight. In this week’s podcast, I go into detail on this subject.

So, my now success is working with those who know they have value, skills, and intuition, but they may need to trust it to guide them, and they aren’t there at the moment. I’m excellent at introducing souls to themselves. Together we get it done!

What does your intuitive compass look like? How does it speak to you? Do you pause long enough to consider what it may be telling you? Does yours have to bop you on the head too? I get it. It’s so much easier to do for others, isn’t it? But, isn’t it time you asked yourself what a successful life looks like for you and what would you have to do to have that?

Tune in for some guidance and what might be a surprising take on life's purpose!

Successfully loving life,


P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription.

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