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Wisdom of the Compass West

“That’s how I’m wired.” This statement can either be said with appreciation or defeatism.

I’ve heard it thousands of times in the years I’ve been doing readings and coaching. I’ve used it myself, and not always in a complimentary way. I’ve downplayed my abilities, used humor to deny my success story, and dismissed help when hurt by claiming the wiring others said I had of being cold or unfeeling.

When people have shown appreciation and even amazement at my intuitive knowledge, I used to dismiss it by saying it was how I’m wired, and everyone has something amazing about them. I still believe that, but I no longer dismiss it as if much development hasn’t been involved too.

Do you do that? Do you dismiss your brilliance? Do you appreciate how you are wired and then enhance it? Do you allow your past experiences to expand who you are and your belief in you, or do you dismiss them for fear it is showing off or being boastful?

When I use the West in my Compass Coaching Method, I see it from whence you’ve come. Your past, your wiring, and also the collaboration between the North, your soul, and the South, your humanness. The West is a space for reflection, learning from past experiences, and gaining wisdom.

Using the Western direction to understand oneself and cultivate self-love can be a powerful approach. Until recently, I hadn’t named it and have found it even more powerful to use the directions as stabilizing factors in coaching and in my life when the inner critic wants to take over.

It’s why I’m sharing them with you. I would love for you to have the coaching directions to lean on like a friend with amazing GPS capabilities!

So, how do you lean into the West? A few suggestions:

  • You could begin by journaling. I know. I know. But it is helpful for contemplation, understanding yourself and creating gratitude practices.

  • You can do mirror work. Again. I know. I know. It’s freaking hard, and it is transformative.

  • You can start appreciating that where you’ve come from and how you're wired is what contributes to your uniqueness and your brilliance. You do this by recognizing how far you’ve come from old behaviors and how you’ve worked to re-wire those neural pathways.

  • Well, speaking of, you could do some Conscious Circuitry work with yours truly to let go of limiting beliefs and begin to see your potential.

These are a few suggestions to get you started. For more about the west, tune into this week’s episode.

You will learn more about the directions in future podcast episodes, live events, bundles, and upcoming courses. I’m excited to have you along as we navigate and enhance your compass.

No longer directionally challenged,


P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, head over to Youtube for subtitles.

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