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What it's like working with Vicki

One of the suggestions I make to clients all the time is to practice self-appreciation and learn to toot one's horn. Guess who that is difficult for? Well, yes, a lot of us, and yours truly.

It has always been challenging to identify what I offer as a coach, friend, parent, and, hell, a person! The soul level I can talk about all day, but my talents and gifts? Nope, that is much harder. You indeed help others learn what you most need to.

This week I decided to do a podcast based on testimonials I have received and communicate an appreciation for my clients and myself.

Read the suggestions for marketing, and they will all say you have to tell people how they will benefit from working with you. I know this. I help others with this. I suck at this, and I’m learning not to suck at it.

"Vicki Baird is one of the few people in this world whose inner ability to read my soul's path seems to, at times, know me better than I know myself." - W.B.

Yes, that is what I do.

What she said!

So much easier when others say it and then agree with it, but does that show expansion and belief in self? No, and since integrity is so important to me, I decided to come clean on this challenge while also sharing what it could be like for you to work with me.

Since each of you amazing people is a unique soul with your own experiences, I’ve not been able to quantify my coaching until I realized it was the personal success everyone wanted. That may be the success of inner peace, physical fitness success, financial success, intuitive connection, career success, relationship success, emotional success, and as many more areas as there are humans. What matters to you is what drives your desire for success.

It all meets in the same place, believing in oneself and being able to communicate that belief in a way that is based on self-surety and love. This means we must address our triggers, so here I am addressing one of mine because I understand that if I work on them, I won’t have anymore, and boom! Success!

“How the heck do I do that, Vicki?”

Well, tune into the podcast and find out because, in addition to sharing what my fantastic clients have said about working with me, I weave in the coaching they have received too!

See you over there (wherever you listen to podcasts),



P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription

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