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Watch your language!

If I had a nickel for every time my mother had to say this to me, I would spend every day in leisure, study, and hiking nirvana. Alas, no one has paid me for my fresh mouth all these years.

My gift of gab has paid off in other ways. I have learned to hear what I say rather than allow the words to flow unchecked from my piehole. I don’t even like pie. Why do I refer to it as that? Digression, or word awareness, is a question I ask myself daily.

“What is the question you are asking, Vicki?”

My apologies; I am also working on being more precise. When I observe myself offering words that don’t make sense or are not germane to the conversation, whether out loud or in my head, I pause and ask about their relevance.

I question if they are the words I want to offer and if they have any value. Yes, it can be annoying, but I have found the payoff worth the effort.

When working with a client, my ears and energy are on high alert for the words they use. Not to judge them at all but to use them to indicate the truth the person holds for themselves. Words have energy, and energy is everything in this world, so it makes sense to respect them and honor the path of their travels.

You would be amazed at how we talk about ourselves when unconscious of the power of words. You may say, “oh, I am well aware of my inner critic's voice,” to which I would say, good job! And are you aware of the words you share in conversation or in text, then?

“So, I have to watch ALL my words?”

Yes and no. You don’t have to do anything. If you want the life, you have stated you wanted and the success of being a soul and human integrated, you want to become aware of your words and vibrational frequency. Then change the words to whatever lines you like.

For instance, I was witnessing the words I was writing in my journal about the life I would love to live, and it occurred to me that I kept writing “I want,” “I want to,” “I want for,” etc. While wanting is perfectly marvelous, there was a futurizing in the statements, so it's no wonder I wasn’t seeing a manifestation of what I wanted. I changed the wording to “I will experience…,” “I will be in a present relationship,” and “I will take time for me each day,” and darned if all those things didn’t happen.

You don’t have to make this more significant than it is. It is about living an integrous life and aligning with who you want to be. You’ve dreamed it, now take action to become it is what I am suggesting.

Will you become annoyed with yourself as you catch the words you don’t want to use any more? Probably, but you will also celebrate that you know you don’t want to use them because that is growth, my friend. That is awareness, and that is raising your vibrational frequency, your ball of quantum energy, you.

Take this week to witness your words and the energy you are offering. Take a listen to the podcast if you’d like more insight and to hear the word I am aware I use way too often and don’t want to any longer.

Watching, and changing my language with you,


P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription

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