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Time Management: Combining Your Soul's Knowing and Human Intelligence for a Fully Successful Life

That title is a mouthful, isn’t it? But it’s true. Your soul and human intelligence must learn to play well together for true success in life. It is one of the main reasons you are here; after all, you may as well embrace it.

Your soul is wonderfully adventurous, brave, and intelligent. Still, I am here to tell you it is not the best planner because that whole “time is an illusion” and the “eternal process” doesn't make for the most productivity-conscious experience.

It's okay, though; much like a car is no good without an engine, a human self is no good without a soul, and a soul is not wholly effective without a human vessel: teamwork and all that.

“What does this have to do with time management, Vicki?”

Well, because your soul has big plans for you, the better you get at time management, the more fun you can have together. And also, the more you learn to align with your soul, the less your human self will effort. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Like it or not, we have a time construct and desire to be productive. I’m not talking about becoming a machine or pounding out work. I’m talking about the joy of completion. The fun of seeing the effort you put into anything leads to healthy self-esteem and a clean kitchen! I can’t get anything accomplished without a clean kitchen!

Over the years of coaching, though, I have noticed that people will put more effort into task management than time management, which is sad to me. That is where one becomes a machine, and life becomes drudgery. I get it, you have so much pulling you in multiple directions, and it seems wise to pay attention to the tasks, but that will leave you beholden to a list and not a life.

“So, what’s the difference between task and time management?”

Thank you for asking. Have you ever noticed you ask the best questions? I’m grateful to you!

The difference between task and time management is this; time management is the process of planning, organizing, and knowing what specific activities are on board. It enables you to work that expression of smarter, not harder. It does help in this area. You'll be able to get more done in less time and, sometimes, even on a tight timeline under high pressure. And when practiced, it can help you to have less stress around those times because you’ve learned to depend on your systems. Anyone else a lover of systems? They make my heart and soul happy.

Task management is just what it sounds like; there's work to be done, and you need to manage the task. Also, through planning, and then development, and then completion. It affects time management. But time management allows you to achieve more in a shorter timeline, leading to more free time and enjoyment about what's on that Ta-Da list. There will always be a ta-da list. We're never going to get it all done. We aren’t. So relax, but while relaxing, consider your time management and observe if it could use some attention.

An example of this is my podcast process. If I didn’t have a system, it would never get produced each week, which means I wouldn’t have this newsletter, the social media posts that people enjoy, or the wonderful conversations I have with my listeners about the show topics. Some tasks have to be done, so it flows and goes, but much more importantly, there is a focus on time management for Enrique and me.

I record weeks ahead, so I have time to write this newsletter, and Enrique has time to edit it and create content which I then have to approve; then, he will publish it and follow up on the statistics after the show. He does a lot. *Huge shoutout to Enrique!*

None of this would work if I didn’t create a time management habit and systems from that habit.

Your life is the same even though your desire for success may look different than mine. You may want an easy transition with your kids in the morning getting out of the door. Maybe you want to work fewer hours in your business to have a personal life. Perhaps this is the year you prioritize your health and, with that, want to have time to work out or hit the sauna a few times a week. Or don’t choose, do both!

Any of these examples of success will show up faster with an awareness of time management and listening to your soul and beautiful brain.

Please don’t think of time management as boring. It is sexy as h*ll when someone shows up on time and has their stuff together. It is attractive to a potential employer and is most definitely the way to feel self-assured and a kick-a*s adult! (I apologize. I get excited and have a potty mouth when you show up for you!)

So, what do you say? Ready to give the time management gig another try? Tune in this week to the podcast, and you’ll get the tips I use in coaching along with suggestions for apps and personal applications that bring success to my clients’ lives.

Off to enjoy my evening because I put time management to work years ago,


P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription

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