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The Warning Signs of Too Much Self-Help Work.

Something you may not know about me is I love to read police thrillers to unwind. You read that correctly. To unwind.

You would think that would amp me up or be “too much” as an empath, but nope, they help me unhook from whatever happened in my day-to-day life and step into another world.

It makes sense to me as most of the intuitive work I do is like solving a mystery, sometimes a crime against the self for my clients, and unraveling the stories their subconscious is telling them. I’d like to think all the research I have done reading these novels has helped me become a better intuitive detective.

But you know the real reason I started reading them? I needed a freaking break from self-help books, courses, and coaching. I felt saturated with everything having a meaning and processing my entire life in what felt like two years.

My brain hurt, and so did my heart and my energy field.

Do you ever feel like that? You just need a break from all the delving into, the asking of oneself, the expansion seeking, and the metaphysical gymnastics.

If you do, please take a break.

Please give yourself the gift of leaving the “deep” questions and soul-searching for a later date. I promise you won’t delay the growth of your soul.

You will be ok.

This is a long-haul process and not one to be done too quickly anyway because it will fry your motherboard.

When you take that break, you will raise your vibration anyway because you will likely do something you enjoy. Something that expands your knowledge and that feels good, even if it is watching Season Seven of the British Kids Baking Competition.

Yep, you guessed it.

One particularly frying week, I decided to binge the season before I binged on gluten-free Oreos.

If you don’t take periodic breaks, one will be assigned to you. Not by any all-seeing, all-knowing deity but by your own subconscious when it decides it needs that break and lands you on the couch with a massive cold or sprained ankle: cause and effect, my friend, cause and effect.

So, can we agree that before your next overload moment, you will begin to install pressure release valves and gifts to yourself of breaks from self-analysis, diagnosis, evolvement, study, or fixation? Can you engage yourself in something, dare we say, frivolous?

You have free will and can spend your time any way you want, and maybe you don’t feel you are doing too much work on yourself, and it is all fine. Then may I suggest you listen to this week’s podcast on the Warning Signs of Self Help Overload?

I’ll see you there after I read a few chapters of my latest book about a serial killer that evaded police for decades. Ahhhhh, relaxation. You do it your way, and I will do it mine.

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