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The Other F Word

Sometimes the only description to use is F that! F that experience. F that treatment from others. F that childhood trauma. Statements like these happen a lot in coaching if done correctly.


Well, because if you are exclaiming like that in a session, we hit some feelings. And what’s better to go with the f word than another f word; feelings?

Feelings are significant indicators of what’s happening behind the scenes of defense mechanisms, old habits, and protective deflections.

Last month I met with a new client and asked her to feel, to which she exclaimed, “F THAT!”. I loved it. Until then, she had been very contained and presented as so sure of herself and what a session would be. She wasn’t expecting to have to look and feel feelings with her success coach. Why would she? She just wanted more success on top of the success she had already achieved. I can appreciate that but can’t and won’t avoid the feelings I get when I work with someone who avoids parts of themselves. Especially the ones that are so important.

What’s so great about feelings?

Oh my goodness, they are the best indicators of alignment and intuition tools. Feelings, even the buried ones, especially the buried ones, are like diamonds in a mine or oysters in a shell. They tell the story of where someone has been and what they have experienced. They are divining rods that can be used to directly connect oneself to their truth. So powerful.

We often describe our feelings as “I was so mad.” “I won’t tolerate that treatment.” “I loved them so much,” but we rarely dig into those feelings to uncover the many facets of those diamonds.

I want you to dig deep enough to know your feelings so well; when others try to tell you what you’re feeling, you can confidently say, “I know what and how I feel, and I will tell you rather than allow you to tell me” or something to that effect.

I’ve been described as an intuitive excavator. I loved that description because while I will do it kindly, I won’t let someone hide from their brilliance on my watch. Feelings are the flashlights to your brilliance. Turn them on. Shine them bright and use them effectively for your growth.

If you’d like some more tips on how to best access your feelings to expand on your intuition, join me this week on Intuition: Your First Sense. Subscribe, and you’ll never miss an episode.

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P.S. if you’d like to have the transcript of the podcast or listen without using an app, click here!

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