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Spirit doesn't use Google Calendar and Other Myths

Isn’t it amazing how much we personify aspects of our world, trying to have it make sense or cookie-cutter so it feels more comfortable? How we bend truths and realities to fit our narratives. You only have to look to the personification of animals in some homes to see the proof. I mean, does your dog really “NEEEEED” those clothes, or are you purchasing them to fulfill something inside of you? It’s OK to do; I know my dog loved his blanket coat because that southern boy did not have fur for the Northeast but in no way did I believe he needed a wardrobe. He didn’t. He was a dog. He needed to not freeze on our walks.

As people, we want all to align with our views and habits.

One can look to some spiritual teachers and messages to see how it’s common to make the realm of spirit match our 3D reality. One I’ve heard recently is the suggestion that deities, guides, angels, and sources need you to spend ten minutes on this frequency, ten on this intention, ten on facing the moon, and then ten on doing the hokey pokey. Okay, I embellished a bit, but I hope you get what I’m saying.

No, Vicki, I don’t. What are you saying?

I am saying that those in the non-physical do not have a Google calendar. Our time constraints do not govern them. They are not timing you or grading you on participation. They are responding to your frequency and desire to connect.

What you can take from those messages is that when YOU spend time with YOU, your frequency will rise, and then you can connect to those you’d like to communicate with, including your soul.

How does that help?

Each time you create a habit of meeting with you, you solidify the message that you want to have a conversation with your spirit team. You will also be more discerning of the teachings of others and able to feel what resonates and does not.

And each time you listen to yourself, you will begin to trust yourself more, and accessing your intuition will get easier across all areas of your life. It isn’t meant to be only for readings or energy sessions; it’s intended to be used in every aspect of your life, so imagine being able to trust it!

Appointments with spirit are one myth I dispel on this week’s Intuition: Your First Sense episode. Join me for a few others I’ve encountered lately that perhaps you have run across too.

Rock on,


P.S. if you’d like to have the transcript of the podcast or listen without using an app, click here!

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