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Short and to the Point: You've Got IT!

What is short and to the point? Well, besides me, but heck, my father was 5’2,” and I’m a New Englander; those things were destined to go together. I am the tallest of six girls in our family, though, so there is that.

The other short and to the point is this week’s podcast episode. Coming in at under twenty five minutes and driving home the point that You’ve Got IT is the final episode of me reading chapters of the book I wrote when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, or ten years ago, to be exact. Was it only ten years? Goodness, gracious, they’ve been filled with life experiences.

How about you? Does the last decade feel like it was many lifetimes worth of learning?

“You know it, Vicki. SOOOOOO much learning.”

Well, good. That is what we are here to do as souls. Learn and apply. Learn and apply. Love, learn, and apply. Love, live, learn, apply. Expansion in all ways, even when we feel like we can’t possibly know how, we somehow do.

That’s the topic of this week’s episode. You’ve Got It. You’ve always had IT, whatever IT is and wherever you put it. It is your unique wiring. Your intuitive self. Your brilliance as a light in this universe and your fantastic ability to smell a corn muffin at half a mile away. Oh, wait, that one might be mine. I freaking love those things.

“What if I still don’t know my brilliance?”

Human; that is ok. What is important is we keep expanding our consciousness and understanding to reach our highest potential. Doing so requires faith in ourselves, even if we are nervous, and a sense of humor and appreciation while on our journey.

It is essential to remember that all the answers we need to achieve our greatest selves are already within us and that we have something special and unique to bring to the universe. And perhaps we have to hire someone to help us realize it, ahem, like a coach with over two decades of experience helping tens of thousands of peeps. Seeking help enhances our inner knowing when working with the right people.

Ultimately, we can unlock our inner power by creating a safe space and approaching our journey with courage and curiosity, and taking joy in the undeniable success that awaits us.

What do you say? Shall we start a new book with chapters not quite defined and see where this thing called life takes us? I’m in. Are you?



P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription.

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