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Punctuate Your Life

You likely want to make a difference while you are here in the physical form. You may not know what that difference is at this point, and that's okay, but there's a desire in you to have an impact somewhere.

It's within all of our souls to desire that connection and impact, and somewhere deep inside, it drives us to continue growing and learning and perhaps even wondering where we will make that impact.

The driving instinct of our soul can make it challenging to pause, reflect, and practice all of the wellness techniques we discuss daily, Especially in this world of always being connected unless we take an intentional break from our digital lives and the FOMO (fear of missing out) response.

While working with a client recently, I asked her to consider punctuation when living her life. We all got this instruction in elementary school when connected to grammar, but are you applying it in your own life? I asked her.

“What concept Vicki. Speak clearly, woman!”

Well, you already get it. I'm talking about punctuation. That sentence alone had quotation marks, a comma, a period, and an exclamation point. Go you!

However, to respond to your request, I'm talking about punctuating your life. I'm talking about taking the grammatical concept and making it a life practice. Success comes from using what we already do well and applying it to other areas of our lives.

You understand what an exclamation point is in writing; hopefully, you use only one! Some overuse this punctuation, but when applied to a life experience, it means being excited and filled up and willing to exclaim how beautiful things are.

You may be someone who is caught up in the go, go, go expression of humaneness and could use a good old-fashioned period. A stop. A do not pass go. A point in reflection and breathing. Deep breathing. A comma is used for shallow breathing, but a period deserves the respect of breathing deep into the diaphragm and supporting your sympathetic nervous system. The one that goes into flight, fight, fawn, or freeze when stress is present. And there is no way to live a human life without some sort of stress. It’s built into the experience, so anything you can do to regulate and support yourself is fantastic.

“So, now you want me to add the concept of punctuation to my already stressed life?”

Yes, yes, I do because there is no way to truly enjoy this human experience if you are always distracted and not present more than occasionally.

I know how difficult it is to be present. I have been challenged by the runaway system, too, and what I’ve learned is attention to it, and some practices that support being present make all the difference.

Is it work and confusing at times? YES! It is. There is no magic wand. Stop thinking there is, and the joy of being a soul with a human experience is more fun. You didn’t know about grammar concepts either, but you got them over time with the help of teachers, repetition, and Grammarly. :)

Tune in this week to Intuition: Your Success Compass as I share additional ways to punctuate your life so you can impact your own life and make the change you wish to see in the world. Cliche, I know, but it’s also true!

P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription

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