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My Lessons from Riding Horses: Metaphors for Life


Greetings from the stable of life! 🐴✨

I trust this message finds you well and thriving on your personal journey.

In the latest episode of "Intuition; Your Success Compass: The way to Happy.," I shared a recent experience at Dreaming Tree Farm. You may remember the name from a previous episode. It’s the oasis I visit once a week, to balance my energy, visit with friends, and smooch the horses on their velvety noses. A couple of weeks ago as I was embarking on my first trail ride, I learned some profound lessons about navigating life's twists and turns.

Leaning In: A Metaphor for Life

As we tackled inclines, and I remembered Robin and Mary saying to me; going up, we lean in, going down, we sit back, I realized how leaning into the trail challenges mirrors our journey in life. Just like when riding a horse, resisting can make the ride harder, for you and the ones around you, including a horse! Sorry Scooby! I will remember faster next time. He’s so patient with me. I’d like to believe the patience I have with others is being reflected back to me in his super cute, stubborn as h*ll, and oh-so-sturdy behavior. So, what do you say we listen to the advice of many a horsewoman before us and lean in, be present, and embrace the adventure?

Eyes Up, Head High: A Lesson in Focus

Reflecting on the journey, I realized the impact of my gaze on the horse's direction. Again, my amazing trainers had said to me many times, keep your eyes up and focused on where you are going, or you will trip up your horse. This is so hard for me! You’d think, given my work as an intuitive and how often I help others to create their happy future selves, that looking where we are going would be a cinch, but it’s not! I worry about obstacles, helping the horse not trip (this isn’t an issue if you look up Vicki!), and surveying every little thing around me.

The reminder to keep my gaze up was powerful, and I have said it to myself many times in the subsequent weeks regarding my life.

Much like a trail ride, our journey demands a forward gaze, steering toward joy, and navigating challenges with resilience.

Empowerment in Every Stride

The horses, known for their intuitive understanding and fabulous sense of humor, have become my stress-relief companions. I appreciate their prolific pooping for keeping me in a volunteer gig!

This experience reinforced the importance of identifying and embracing activities that bring joy and serve as a reminder that stress is not an inherent part of life unless we focus on it and not the joy of the experience. Whether it's the company of horses, the solace found in books, or pursuing a new hobby, finding your stress-relief trail is your responsibility and a gift of being human. Give yourself a gift, dang it! You deserve to feel this giddy too and you don’t have to haul hay to do it if you don’t want to, although I recommend it highly.

Patience, Persistence, and Profound Presence

In total transparency, when I faced my fears and agreed to do the trail ride Robin offered, I did not anticipate the effect it would have on my belief in self and further awareness that there are messages everywhere if we are willing to pay attention. But how could it be otherwise, right? When we take the chance to trust, believe in the inherent joy of being human, and extend beyond our fears, the fabulousness of life is right there waiting to be experienced.

What are you waiting for? Get believing in yourself!

What do you say? Want to join me?

After all, life is a trail ride filled with inclines and descents. A rambling ride that picks up at times and slows way down at others. Let's lean in, keep our eyes on joy (or Robin’s helmet if she’s leading the ride), and ride with confident empowerment.

Warm regards,

Vicki Baird 🌟

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