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Lessons Learned in Intuitive Coaching and other questions from my listeners.

I love a good trip down memory land, how about you? So often, we look to our past with a sense of trepidation. Either because we are mourning the passing of younger years (you are here now, no reason to do that!) or because we have not processed the hurts there yet.

But there are other ways to look to the past and reflect with a genuine appreciation.

Last month I was cleaning out files and disposing of papers no longer needed and came across a printout I had saved of questions from podcast listeners. The printout was mixed in with pages I had saved of marketing ideas, steps I needed to take for my website, and other people's suggestions of what to do with my website. I quickly filed the other people's advice but kept this printout because it had an energetic connection for me, like most things we keep.

The questions were brilliant and timely for an episode as we enter the year's fourth month. I don't know about you, but time is flying for me, and I want to appreciate each moment for what it brings and squeeze the joy out of it.

“What are you squeezing the joy out of this week, Vicki?”

As you likely surmised, I am squeezing the joy out of these questions because they make me so happy to answer and reflect on my appreciation for all of you who listen to the podcast.

One question was, “ Do you find it helpful to combine your intuitive abilities with the Conscious Circuitry work when you are coaching someone? Yes, of course. That's why I offer Conscious Circuitry. You may not know what you've got stuck, but between my intuitive abilities and the training and neuropathic work, we will release those puppies! Then we will create supportive pathways to align you with your success.

Another question was, " how do I learn to get my s*** together?” this one made me giggle so much because isn't that the truth? Just when we think we have our s*** together, more s*** shows up. While it's true that creating habits of supportive nature is important, so is appreciating the fact that there are lessons in everything if we are open to them.

Another question was, " have you ever made a mistake in coaching that came back to haunt you?” While it did not come back to haunt me because I took corrective action right away, yes, I have, and I share that in this episode as well.

“You’re willing to share where you made a mistake?”

Yes, absolutely, because if I were to presume myself to be above mistakes, I would be an egomaniac and not authentic at all. We all screw up sometimes. The important part is taking responsibility for it and learning from it to avoid repeating the same mistakes. A big warning flag would be anyone who professes to have all the “answers” and never screws up. Pffft, yeah, right!

I hope you’ll join me for this episode (and all the others by subscribing) to hear what other questions my oh-so-brilliant listeners sent in. I’m grateful to you for submitting your questions and suggestions, as it helps me to grow and tailor the content to what feels suitable for all.



P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription.

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