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Go for it...a little at a time!

For years, I was a talker; well, I still talk a lot, but what I mean is I would talk about what I was going to do. There would be grand visions of what I could accomplish on my journey of connection and helping others. I would share them with anyone who asked, I wasn’t pushy or anything, but I could talk.

The people around me would probably disagree because they consider me a doer. Someone who just does things and doesn’t look back keeps moving forward and gets things done. That is true as well, I don’t look back except to assess where I could have improved upon myself or a situation, but sometimes it can take a lot of self-talk to get me moving.

Sometimes the ideas I come up with can feel very daunting and overwhelming to the point where I want to lay on the couch and watch National Geographic all day. It’s my binging of choice.

“I hear ya, sister!”

Thank you. Only after my husband passed did I realize small movements were all I had, and they had to be good enough. I was exhausted on all levels, still portraying that I had it all together and was thriving in the experience. Some days I was, and others were quantifiable sh*tshows.

Then, I applied the principles I use with my clients of micro-movements matter. That is part of a coach’s job, I believe. Keep the inspiration for growing alive and inch the client to where they would like to be. I know it is also to believe in that person until they can believe in themselves and start seeing tangible results or feeling the not-so-tangible effects within themselves.

I had to coach myself. I had to appreciate that the small tasks I was completing were powerful and going to garner results.

“Did they?”

They did and continue to, so the investment was worth it. We all have the ability to coach ourselves, make incremental changes, and expand beyond where we are. It is why we are here as humans, after all. Experience the expansion. But none of it would have worked without believing that we are meant to go for whatever we want, including how we want to feel.

Last month you learned to Ask For It; it is equally important to ask as it is to be willing to do something to create what you are asking for. If you ask for things and then aren’t ready to participate or expect that they will be delivered to your door by UPS, you not only postpone any joy that you seek, but you also send a mixed message into the universe about what you want.

I didn’t want to show up for myself some days. I definitely didn’t want to ask for help, but my desire to want differently helped me to do both and go for the life I am living today.

What do you want to go for that you are not coaching yourself through and in the interest of dismantling rugged individualism, not seeking coaching or help beyond yourself?

What if, for today, the micromovement was to identify what you want to go for and then create the steps to do so next?

What if?


Vicki Baird

P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription

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