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Energy of 2023

We’ve done it again. We’ve gone around the calendar one more time. Look at us go!

Of course, we are still working on 2022, but it's close. So close, as I thought about calendars for next year, I remembered that I had a long-standing practice of doing an energy report for the following year. Perhaps it was the chill in the air, the holiday decorations, or a true Christmas miracle because I remembered to do it before anyone had to request it.

I'm going with it's a miracle.

“What is an energy report?” you ask.

An energy report is forecasting what's to come by what I see in the timeline and frequency of the next few months. There are as many variables in an energy forecast as in a weather forecast. It’s tricky, and, it’s been helpful to those who have read my newsletters for so long. It's also helpful for me to take the time and center in while I plan out my goals for the next year—more on that in another newsletter.

“How is it helpful if it can change?”

Great question you ask. It's helpful because it gives you the scaffolding of the next year of our evolution. This year in particular, it's helpful because there are many specific guidelines on increasing your energy awareness. It's helpful because I also include what to be conscious of as we raise the frequency of this fantastic Universe in which we live.

It's also helpful to open up the possibility of what the next year could be. So often, we focus on what could go wrong instead of what could go right. Sure, you might need to take an umbrella because there has been rain forecasted, but you also may not need it that day, and that would be equally as beneficial to recognize the gift of knowledge and the gift of mother nature changing her mind!

“Can you give me a hint before I listen to the podcast (or gasp…I haven’t listened to any of them, and I still want to know.)?”

Yes, of course. I'm not here to force anyone to listen to a podcast; it would be nice, But no pressure. Here are a few things that came up that you may find interesting.

  • There is an increased frenzy feeling with this shift that is happening. The holidays may be adding to it but it would be there without them. It’s the push to the awareness that is creating the extra zippy energy.

  • There will be an increase in souls “leaving” their physical vessels. They are complete in this energy and don’t want/need to expand here and will choose to do so in non-physical. We can honor them while being sad they are not here.

  • Your soul isn’t going to take any more B.S. It’s complete with procrastination, excuses, and stalling. It will keep encouraging you and, yes, pushing you to move. Taking smaller steps is brilliant but take some!

  • The feeling of needing to get your affairs in order may not be about croaking but rather that responsible actions are taken so you can play!

There are more I have included in this week’s episode. If you’d like the transcript, you may get it here.

I’m excited about the new year and the shift of energy here now. I want to remind you that it isn’t because of a calendar. This shift would happen even if we didn’t have a New Year’s Date approaching. It’s simply a great time to tap in and assess what may be of help, and I’m so happy to do that.

Be well,


P.S. if you’d like to have the transcript of the podcast or listen without using an app, click here!

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