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Elevate Your Intuitive Journey with Joy and Humor

Hey there!

How the heck are you? I love the sunshine we are having here in New York and am fully immersed in the effort of eleven raised bed fruit and veggie beds, flower gardens, and my new love of creating a wildflower field. 

I have always had what my mother called an impishness about me, but somewhere along the line, I got really serious. I have focused on finding the joy in life and creating the time to practice being silly until it comes back online naturally. Gardening has been one of the areas I’ve used to find ease because sometimes stuff doesn’t grow. To find joy,  have you ever seen how freaking cute a jumping mouse is and to be in wonder at the pea pods poking through. 

I’ve been so focused on it lately that I wanted to explore the power of playfulness and humor in our spiritual and intuitive practices.

My latest podcast episode explored how incorporating joy and irreverence into our daily lives can profoundly enhance our intuitive experiences. In a world that often feels tight and stressful, finding moments of lightness and laughter is essential to elevate our vibrations and connect more deeply with spirit.

I share personal stories and insights into my journey, highlighting how years of being serious and focused hindered my intuitive growth. By balancing accountability and playfulness, we can raise our vibrational frequency and tap into our intuitive potential with greater ease.

I have always been inspired by 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,'  and how the characters of Charlie and his Grandfather ascend in the glass elevator by burping. Yes, as a matter of fact, my inner twelve-year-old still finds bodily functions hysterical. 

I know the importance of harmonizing our analytical left brain with our playful right-brain to unlock our full intuitive potential. Bad jokes, puns, and humor will do that. 

Throughout the episode, I shared anecdotes from my own life, illustrating how humor has been a powerful tool for diffusing tension and building connections. From childhood coping mechanisms to transformative experiences with horses, humor has constantly accompanied my intuitive journey.

I decided to lead you, listeners, through a guided visualization exercise designed to reconnect them with your inner playful child, reawakening joy and curiosity. Integrating playfulness into your daily lives can enhance your intuitive clarity and overall well-being. I promise! 

Care to join me in the foolishness of life so we can honor the reverence of it as well? 

Because, let's face it, life's too short for serious faces all the time, right?

What about your life is playful? What makes you giggle? I love learning about people. Share with me what lights you up and raises your vibration. 

I invite you to listen to the full episode for more insights and practical suggestions on integrating joy and playfulness into your intuitive practices. 

Let's lighten our approach to meditation and intuition together and unlock the boundless potential of embracing joy and humor. 

Wishing you a week filled with laughter, lightness, and intuitive clarity!

Warm regards,


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