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Breaking Free: Let's Talk About Firing Guilt from Your Life 🌟


I hope you're doing well and February is treating you kindly. I could use some sun, so if you see it wandering around out there, send it to the northeast, would you please? Thank you. 

Today, I want to talk about guilt. I encounter it often with clients, and it can get in the way of creating and living a happy life- one that is connected with self and others. You know, fun. 

Many of us deal with guilt, but it's not something we have to live with. Whether it's feeling like we're not meeting expectations or dwelling on past mistakes, guilt can weigh us down and lead to such circular thinking that we think we’ll never get out. 

But there's a way out. It takes some effort, but you can and are able to do whatever it takes to release the habit. 

It is a habit most likely taught by those who raised you and thought they were helpful, asking you to use guilt as your compass. 

But you know what? I would rather you use your intuition, happy quotient, and intelligence to navigate life rather than that old paradigm of wasted emotion called guilt. 

Did you know it is the only emotion we don’t come in with as a soul and serves no actual purpose? 

Let's get practical. Join me for this week’s episode, where I share some strategies for kicking guilt to the curb, like daily mindfulness, setting boundaries, and staying active. These are tools we can use to break free from the grip of guilt.

Imagine a life where guilt doesn't hold you back, where joy and happiness are within reach. It's possible, and it starts with understanding how guilt works and taking steps to let it go.

Are you ready to start?

Join me in this conversation as we learn how to reclaim our joy and live without the burden of guilt.


Vicki Baird 🌸

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