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200th Episode!

Holy Crap! Can I just say that? Holy Crap! The podcast has reached 200 episodes this week.

Eight seasons, 200 shows.

I’m not typically someone who toots her own horn, but TOOT TOOT! Toot to the outer Stratosphere of the universe. Toot, toot, freaking toot!

That is a lot of sharing, talking, researching, and planning. That is a lot of note-taking between recordings of what may be a good topic. That is a lot of learning. A LOT of education.

That is technology advancements, team meetings, schedules, processes, and questioning my sanity at times that I would take this on when no one asked me to. Entrepreneurs rarely wait for others to ask, but wow, it’s a lot.

And I love it.

I truly do. I love the excitement of plugging in the microphone. The ability to share with so many people lights me up. I love that people get my sense of humor. You GET it! That means so much to me when I’m making myself laugh and thinking I’m ridiculous, and then finding out the same line makes someone else laugh. That’s important. Connection, laughter, and sharing of ideas are vitally important to the success of our human race.

200th episode. Wow. As of recording this, there were 123,909 downloads. An average of 2785 a month and showing up in 22 countries. Only 173 to go!

What do these numbers mean?

They mean people are receiving the information for free. It is important to me that information be available at all income levels. They can listen when it works for them, and they connect even while alone. They also mean that it ranks my podcast in the top ten percent of podcasts. I’m proud of that.

I’ve learned a lot doing this. So much so that I’m currently working with three clients developing their podcasts because I get results, and they want that too. That is also so fun for me.

I’ve learned what not to do as well. I cover that in the 200th episode. Have I mentioned yet that this week is the 200th episode? Oh, I did. Ok. I’m a tad elated.

How will I celebrate?

Well, I am going to take some moments today and breathe, appreciate my effort, and plan for this next year, where I already have 56 topics (more than a year, but maybe there will be bonus episodes.). I will finetune the course I am writing to offer the information in a self-guided format and…

I will give away three sessions to listeners who follow the prompts in the episode to qualify. Yes, I want you to listen, and to get the directions, you will have to listen or read the transcript. I mentioned the technology, yes? The transcription capability is one that I am very proud to offer. Check it out in the link below.

It’s effortless to listen. Click below on the icons to see how easy it is to find it, then subscribe. It really is that simple. It will show up on your device each week. You don’t even have to do anything after the one subscribes!

Join us! It’s fun.

Putting all those “she talks to everyone in class” report cards to good use!

See you in the next episode,


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