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What is Intuition?

    By definition of the dictionary, is "The ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning" and synonyms of that type would be like your instinct, your sixth sense although we know it's our first sense, right?

  I think a lot of people expect it to be this big billboard or they expect it to be this smack upside the head that lets you know that the information is incoming. Like it's supposed to come with a narrator of some sort, and that's not how it is, it's subtle.

     I believe it's that way because it is what our first sense is, what we come in with. But I also believe that the journey back to it and accessing it to have it be part of your everyday life is one that, when practiced, has more of a reverence about it. You really trust it more; you love it, you understand it's part of who you are, your wiring.

What is an Intuitive Coach?

     An intuitive life coach is someone who uses their gifts of intuition to guide people along their path in life. Life coaching is excellent for helping people who feel like their life is stuck or isn't going the way they want. Turning to family and friends for help can sometimes mean too many people offering advice and create a sense of frenzy. When an intuitive life coach sits down to take a closer look at future goals, where clients' passions lie, and why they make life-changing decisions, it can help calm storms and create established guidelines for a life path.


     Intuitive life coaches often examine various details of a client's life, including the client's energy. The energy that a person brings to their life affects the rest of their life. The energy field has intelligence and is always seeking a balance of forces. When that is understood and accessed, an intuitive coach can help their client learn to navigate this world as a soul with a human body and experience joy.

What is a
Session withVicki like?

     I work directly with you with over two decades of experience with individuals and companies.


Is this executive coaching?


     Well, yes and no. You are the executive in your life, and you are more than an executive in your life. You have personal needs, spiritual inquiry, and goals you want to align in all areas of your life. Every person in this world is different, and while I have systems and processes that work, I take into consideration the individuality of your situations and we go from there.  I don't like cookie cutters... unless its time to make cookies :)

     A whole-person approach is necessary for sustainable success and can be fun to pursue. Without that, you are wasting money and time investing in the next goals and practices without a self-surety foundation. It is common to succeed in one area of your life and feel lost in others. I'm uniquely qualified to help you merge those areas with my background in business and successful intuitive practice.

Let's work together!

Call, text, or email me and let's talk.


Contact Number:

(518) 777-2770


Email Address:


Discovery Call

This is the "am I what you are looking for in a believe in you until you believe in yourself coach call." We won't know if we click until we meet.


Perhaps you have questions about how the Executive Coaching Package works or are interested in Vicki On Call via the Retainer Package.


This 20 minute chat will help both of us determine if we are aligned and a good fit to work together. I'll make coffee and meet you there.


This is not an intuitive session or a short coaching call. Please book an individual session if you are looking for intuitive direction.

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