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Introducing You to Your Soul


$ 97.00

About the Course

A Joyful Journey to a High Vibrational Self

Feeling empty? Here is how to find joy through soul connection.

Who are you? No, really. Who are you? I am sharing knowledge that I have learned over the last 21 years to help you regain the energy that you have lost through a soul disconnect. 

Tune into that subtle voice of your soul and break away from messages in your brain that have been so strongly conditioned.

Self paced course work you can apply to your daily life to expand and be happy with you!

Vicki Baird

Vicki Baird

For over two decades, I have helped individuals and businesses realize their life joys, consulted with staffing issues, used my intuitive abilities to help discern the best contracts for my clients, and even worked as a consultant to grow a construction business from destitute to the 27+ million it is valued at today. I know nothing of construction, but I do know energy, how to read it, and how to apply it.

That is a crucial advantage in life.

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