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Maureen C, Coach and Inn Keeper

"I want you to know, in my life coaching class, I use you as a reference a lot because you are a great coach and are a real mentor to me aside from helping me with so many of life's challenges and growth opportunities!"


Carol, CPA/Course Creator

I wanted to work with Vicki because I wanted to work with an intuitive coach that could read energy and who was also practical and grounded in the real world and would have concrete tools to help me. My favorite part of working with Vicki is more...

Mark, Managing Editor

 "One session with you, honestly, goes to places that I don't go to in years of therapy. I love and value therapy, but because you work on the soul and energy levels, I experience myself becoming "unstuck" from stuck places in very tangible ways. It's liberating. I also love the...more

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