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 Intuitive insights to help you overcome self-doubt by activating your brilliance and supporting your journey to success.

Do you want more joy in your life? 

Are you struggling with imposter syndrome?

Is your relationship with your soul lacking?

Intuitive Coaching can provide the insight you need.

  Whether you are challenged by a life transition, spiritual confusion, purposeful direction, relationship pitfalls, or any of the other human and soul blocks, intuitive coaching insight is the way to go. 

   Why make it harder on yourself by stumbling through all the avenues possible when I have the compass to help you navigate to your greatest success? 

    I'll lend you my navigational systems until yours is up and running optimally for you.

    Ready to start? Great!

Hi, I'm Vicki.

I'll use my intuitive insights, many certifications, and success record to guide you to life and soul happiness.

With over two decades of experience, I am committed to helping you embody your soul's essence, learn to quiet the mind chatter, and love being human. 

Life does not have to be hard, but who ever showed you how to live it easily and in alignment? 

No one yet. I will, and if you are willing to bring your desire to feel whole and use a little bit of effort, we will accomplish that for you. 

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Mark L, Senior Editor

"One session with you, honestly, goes to places that I don't go to in years of therapy. I love and value therapy, but because you work on the soul and energy levels, I experience myself becoming "unstuck" from stuck places in very tangible ways..."

Maureen C, Coach and Inn Keeper

"I want you to know, in my life coaching class, I use you as a reference a lot because you are a great coach and are a real mentor to me aside from helping me with so many of life's challenges and growth opportunities!"

Why Choose Vicki Baird Coaching?

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions; it’s about unlocking the answers within you, helping you trust in your unique brilliance.

We'll navigate the complex terrain of your life, aligning your needs and desires to define success and happiness on your own terms.


My specialty lies in weaving your soul's essence into every facet of your existence, a key ingredient for authentic joy.

I’m more than a coach—I'm a catalyst.

From aligning with your soul's essence and dismantling limiting beliefs to exploring brain neuroplasticity and finding joy in life’s humor, I empower you to discover your own brilliance.

Intuition: Your Success Compass

   New episodes twice a month.

sweeping landscape depicting strength with softness.jpg

Call, text, or email me and let's talk.          (518) 777-2770

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