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Hey, soulful human!

     Ready to learn who you are and how fantastic life can be for you? 


You've landed in the right place if you are. You bring the desire and I will bring the expertise. Together, we will do this! 

You can get an online session from wherever you are in the world!

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Real Talk

Listen, being a whole human with an integrated soul is not the easiest task, yet we all do it. We have to. The desire to grow is hardwired, but it doesn't have to be hard!

You are likely living a life that is ok but not enough, and you feel disappointed, frustrated, and maybe greedy to think that way, but you KNOW there is something else for you, but you can't figure out what the h*ll it is?


Yeah, I get you. I've experienced that full-on and know it's what led me to become the Success Coach I am today. I want YOU to feel excited about wanting more. To know and then to act on that knowledge. 


I am an expert in guiding humans like you to close the gap between the life you want and the life you are living.


What if wise one. What if? 

About Vicki

     Vicki Baird Coaching came to be because I offered my intuitive coaching services to my employer above my job duties. I was happy to help, but when I realized I could help more people and organizations than one, I lept.


     Since then, 22 years ago, I have helped individuals and businesses realize their life joys, consulted with staffing issues, used my intuitive abilities to help discern the best contracts for my clients, and even worked as a consultant to grow a construction business from destitute to the 27+ million it is valued at today. I know nothing of construction, but I know energy, how to read it, and how to apply it.


That is a crucial advantage in life.

Your Success Compass

    Intuition is the not-so-secret ingredient to long-lasting success in life, business, and spirituality.


      Why don't we use it more? Access it more? Benefit from it? Tune in to learn how YOU can do all of this and create your definition of success!


New episodes every Wednesday 

On Youtube with an exclusive visualizer

Ready to turn your work dreams into reality?

The Work Success Worksheet Bundle can help you create a clear vision and take action towards your goals.

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How May I Help?


A one-time check in for a now question.


Your individual plan for success with ongoing coaching.


Group coaching, self-directed coaching bundles, courses, podcast, and more!


Carol LeBlanc

CPA/Course Creator


"I wanted to work with Vicki because I wanted to work with an intuitive coach that could read energy and who was also practical and grounded in the real world and would have concrete tools to help me. My favorite part of working with Vicki is..."

Maureen C.

Coach and Inn Keeper


I want you to know, in my life coaching class, I use you as a reference a lot because you are a great coach and are a real mentor to me aside from helping me with so many of life's challenges and growth opportunities!"

Carol LeBlanc

CPA/Course Creator

"One session with you, honestly, goes to places that I don't go to in years of therapy. I love and value therapy, but because you work on the soul and energy levels, I experience myself becoming "unstuck" from stuck places in very tangible ways..."

Let's work together!

Call, text, or email me and let's talk.


Contact Number:

(518) 777-2770


Email Address:



Discovery Call

This is the "am I what you are looking for in a believe in you until you believe in yourself coach call." We won't know if we click until we meet.


Perhaps you have questions about how the Success Coaching Package works or are interested in Vicki On Call via the Retainer Package.


This 20-minute chat will help both of us determine if we are aligned and a good fit to work together. I'll make coffee and meet you there.


This is not an intuitive session or a short coaching call. Please book an individual session if you are looking for intuitive direction.

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