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I've always believed in the power of micro-movements, and here is proof of it. ​


Enjoy and remember that being human isn't always easy, but it's a powerful ride that can be joyful. ​

What is a Worksheet Bundle?

In a classroom setting, a worksheet usually refers to a loose piece of paper that children use to answer questions or complete a task.  But when it comes to coaching, think of this as soul work that your human self activates by doing the physical. 

I have used these successfully in my coaching work and had a strong desire to make them available to everyone, so here you go! 

▼ New Arrivals ▼ New Arrivals ▼ New Arrivals ▼ New Arrivals ▼ 

Ready to turn your work dreams into reality?

The Work Success Worksheet Bundle can help you create a clear vision and take action towards your goals.

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Anxiety Be Gone (or at least quiet down!)

Number of Pages: 9
Fillable Pages: 5


Getting to Know ME

Number of Pages: 7
Fillable Pages: 5


Supportive Habit Creation

Number of Pages: 10
Fillable Pages: 6


Create Greater Success With Self-Knowledge

Number of Pages: 11
Fillable Pages: 9


Journal Your Way To Success

Number of Pages: 9
Fillable Pages: 5


Work Success

Number of Pages: 12
Fillable Pages: 8


Create Your Client Avatar

These worksheets will guide you through the process of identifying your target customers, giving you a better understanding of who they are, what they need, and how to reach them effectively.

Pages: 17
Fillable Pages: 11



Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Number of Pages: 13
Fillable Pages: 10

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