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Rest, Recharge, and Renew

Where did that statement of the summertime being when we relax and do less come from? I don’t know about you, but we are busier in the summer than at any other time. There is little downtime between wanting to get out in nature and explore, gardening, lawn care, a few weekends away, and trying to get together with family.

And currently have two homes we are taking care of, which adds additional effort. I would appreciate any prayers to the real estate gods that the second house sells shortly.

Then when you factor in the less-than-predictable weather we've been having, it becomes a scheduling Tetris game. And we don't even have kids to work around their schedule and camp, like I witness in my friends' and clients’ lives.

Goodness. We have become more human doings than human beings.

This became apparent during a rather mundane task of mowing the lawn last week. I felt utterly time-crunched to get it done because of the kooky weather, and the upcoming weekend was going to be so busy. So wouldn't you know it, the lawn mower battery crapped out on me about the same time my headphones did?

I was a little annoyed, and because of that, I was missing the message that kept downloading into my brain from Spirit about needing a break. I didn't think I needed a break. I certainly didn't think the lawn mower needed a break as it hadn't been used in a week. The fact that it was not charged though, seemed to have missed my awareness. My guides were trying to tell me that it, just like we humans, needed to be charged.

When was the last time you charged your battery? I bet your phone got charged last night, but when did you last take a break and charge your inner battery and your physical one?

I suggest that you listen to my lawn mower and get yourself to a charging station so you may attend to life. You will not be able to if you don’t take the time to decompress and power up your own battery. It’s not true that we will rest when we are dead, so stop waiting for that to take care of you.

I challenge you to create a rest, recharge and renew plan this week. I double-dog dare you to do it!

P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, head over to Youtube for video format

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