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Nurturing Growth: A Transformative Podcast Episode with Tariq Pinkston


I hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits and thriving in your journey of self-discovery. I hope it also finds you excited about that process. No need to be so serious my friend.

Speaking of not being serious, I'm excited to share the highlights of a recent podcast episode that I had the pleasure of hosting with the incredible Tariq Pinkston, a devoted husband, father, and Body Activist Coach. I am beyond blessed to say I have known Tariq since he was 19 and have a special place in my heart for him, his inner and outer beauty (come on! The dude is handsome!), and his soul-driven desire to help others.

When we had our store in Pittsfield, he would stop in and bring his beaming smile, reverent humor, respect for the space, and Howard, my late husband, who ran the retail portion of the center. Tariq was special to Howard, too, as that was when we were going through some stuff with Howard’s kids, and Tariq, being the same age, filled the hole Howard was experiencing with his adult children. I’ve always been grateful for his presence in my life and am so pumped to have him on the show and have you get to know him, too.

So, check it out, and hey, maybe subscribe while you're there!

Episode Highlights:

  • Journey of Transformation: Tariq opens up about his personal evolution from introversion to a dynamic, empathetic personality. His story is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the grace of allowing oneself to grow.

  • Creating Safe Spaces: We explore Tariq's passion for creating environments where individuals feel safe, valued, and encouraged. His dedication to humanity shines through as he discusses the importance of appreciating people for who they are.

  • Embracing Authenticity: Tariq shares his experience of embracing vulnerability, tears, and authenticity. Our conversation delves into how people express themselves, challenging societal norms and celebrating individuality.

  • Balancing Life's Aspects: Learn how Tariq successfully manages his professional pursuits, spiritual commitments, and family life. He provides insights into his self-care routines, emphasizing the significance of alone time, workouts, and music.

  • Aligning Physical and Spiritual Well-being: As we wrap up, Tariq offers valuable advice on aligning physical and spiritual well-being. His wisdom encourages listeners to honor themselves, embrace all emotions, and practice kindness as a daily ritual.

Stay tuned for Tariq's upcoming self-healing technique related to energy work—a promising addition to our collective journey of personal growth.

Gratitude and Encouragement:

We conclude the episode with heartfelt gratitude and encouragement for each other, highlighting the strength found in shared learning and support. And yes, it did get me in the feels, and I teared up. All emotions are amazing, aren’t they?

I invite you to listen to this transformative episode and join us in fostering environments of empathy, compassion, and personal growth. Let's continue supporting one another on this beautiful journey of life.

Sending you supportive vibes and empowerment!

Warm regards,


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