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Luxury For My Soul? Yes, please!

A huge heck yes was my response when I learned about Alexis Kletjian’s perspective on life, award-winning jewelry, and now a podcast titled Luxuries for Your Soul that she co-hosts with Lauren Bolt. Yes, please bring on the luxury for my soul.

As I meet most people, I met Alexis, and she booked a session. She talks about the experience in the podcast, so I don’t feel I’m breaking privacy protocol by sharing the information with you.

Her energy is very dynamic, and I enjoy her no b.s. approach to life and matters of the soul. She boldly says we deserve luxuries and feeds our souls to know what those luxuries are for us. She isn’t just about consumer luxuries but a jewelry line proving that when we pause to talk with people, we learn how deep their soul is in their knowledge.

I invited her on years ago and trusted that she would pop up and tell me she was ready when it was time. She’s here, sharing her view, her work with Human Design and Gene Keys, which I know very little about and I am excited to learn, and her humor.

I believe Alexis and her husband are magical. She also shared with us how a wild deer has become part of her animal kingdom and lives a luxurious life while remaining wild. Truly showing us anything is possible if we show up for it. I mean, the deer, Timber, get brushed and loved on while maintaining her world with her deer friends too.

Join us as we explore luxury, soul expansion, and intuition, all in the same episode! A lot comes up when you get two talkers together on one platform. I do hope you’ll join us and then head over to her podcast to delve into topics and reframe how we perceive luxury and connections with others.

P.S. If you'd like a transcript of the podcast, check out Episode Transcription

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